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I have been taking photos since dad gave me a Kodak Brownie in 1949. At six, all my photos had to be processed. The Kodak Brownie suddenly became mom's worst nighmare. Dad just chuckled. Our dear family friend, Mrs. Thelma Bartley, help my mom get me my first 35mm (a Kodak 35mm I still have) for Christimas of 1955. Mrs.Bartley was an excellent photographer and started me on my first slide photography adventures with the great Kodachrome 25 iso film. She tought me to make great photos without a light meter, and all about composition rules and how to break them also. About 1968 my friend Mon Wig made a trip home to India and took the time to shop in Hong Kong for my first single lens reflex camera, a Pentax. I never looked back. I have always had a camera handy. In 1986 Sharon and I took up scuba diving and an entire new world of photography opened up to me. Fortunately for me, Sharon was the best dive partner anyone could have. She put up with my photography and saved me from killing myself diving. Today's digital cameras still amaze me. The differance from then to now is like going from the Wright brother's plane to the F16. What a journey I have had with my cameras. Amazing how quickly digital cameras became the standard. It now seems there is a digital point and shoot camera in everyones hand. (Does anyone outside of a Pro's Pro use a film camera anymore?) I am currently using a Nikon D80 and a D5000, a D7000, and an S9100 (for undercover work only). Photography has been my life long passion and journey.

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